League 1 2018 -2019 League Prognosis - Day 11

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The dimensions of Ligue 1 are in good shape and after this European Cup week, we offer our advice and forecasts by offering you the forecasts and analysis of the five best games for the prognosis of this 11th day of L1 2018- 2019. The clasico is inevitable and if we do not do it we will receive x mails then we do it automatically "the classic" because you know that the only and first clasico was born in Argentina between River Plates and Boca which has become The superclassico. The Clasico therefore remains the match between Barca and Real. It was the football cultural moment that will be used for the youngest among you and Lisa, editor -in and passionate about balloon that is ignored. Truck of joke, it's bet for Prognosis of the 11th day of Ligue 1 2018-2019.

OM prognosis -PSG, Ligue 1 2018 -2019 Day 11 Day 11

  • The simple bet: OM 6.00 5.20 1.45 PSG

The Clasico is no longer what it was. He lost his prestige and the media, as well as the LFP, tries to sell it again as if we were in 1990. The feeling that we sell a force of force by presenting it as the choice of the season. In truth, the real choice for the WTO is against OL and vice versa. PSG has made sure to exclude debates by investing so much compared to others that the dice are piped. Too often, we compare the budget of a season, but it is an error or simply communication. You have to compare 8 years of massive investment on the Qatari side at 2 years of an interesting investment on the Olympian side. Basically, McOURT invested enough to pay a Mbappé and without the salary and the premiums! The great ambient hypocrisy is to explain that money is not everything. Must note that this is at least for Ligue 1, since PSG still comes out of a Disillusionment in C1 Against Napoli. Which is not a good sign for OM who will pay the wrath of the Qatari players who always tend to charge their frustration by the L1 teams who clearly do not have the level when the men of the Emir Al Tani put himself in C1 mode. Parisian individuals are clearly above and even without playing as a team, they are able to win. Opposite, OM has played one of its worst games of the season and perhaps even since the Mcourt era. The rating of 6 is not very generous, but the bookmakers have been wary since last season and the draw obtained by PSG at the last moment. Cavai and Silva will be absent, Kikempbe is suspended ... Tuchel will have to tinker with a defense. On the OM side, the great uncertainty is on Thauvin, just that. Whatever happens, there are always goals ...

Our prognosis on OM - PSG: Bet on 4 or 5 goals on this meeting for a rating of 3.10 at Bwin!

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Prognosis Angers - Lyon Day 11 of Ligue 1 2018 -2019

  • The simple bet: Angers 4.10 3.60 1.90 Lyon

We can think that even the Angevins are surprised by this comfortable 10th place in Ligue 1, but in point, it is a little less comfortable since Angers is only three points ahead of the first barragist. What matters is still these two draws with goals against Strasbourg and Reims. This shows that Angers is solid against direct competitors, capable of scoring goals as they did in the park. Now, the Lyonnais opposite are obviously superior on paper. Olympique Lyonnais is a real wound, seeing a scourge of the gods for predictioners. Able to beat City in the Champions League to draw in Nantes, Caen and lose in Reims. With this draw in C1, 3-3 anyway, we find on a match all the faults and all the qualities of the men of Genesio and Génesio himself. Against Angers, we want to try a blow with a short victory in Lyon.

Our prognosis on Angers - Lyon:

  • For caution: bet on a Lyon victory for a rating of 1.90
  • For the daring: bet on a victory in Lyon by a difference for a rating of 3.20. .

Monaco prognosis -Dijon, day 11 of Ligue 1 2018 -2019

  • Equi Simple: Monaco 1.68 4.10 5.00 dijon

AS Monaco is better since its draw obtained in Bruges in the Champions League? This draw has brought us big, but it is still very limited. Thierry Henry arrives as a lavish son and he really has work to do that it is at the tactical level, but especially in the head. One has the impression that the club is in the back - there are even rumors of sales of the club - and Titi will have to show that it can bring this club where it must be when it is the first time that 'He is a coach. Dijon seems the perfect target. Dijonnais are in a difficult period with 4 consecutive defeats. A trip to Monaco would not be normal news in time, but this season being what it is - where we see the statistics on football can mislead, Dijon could also redo the cherry ... However, We can estimate that Monaco will be based on this draw in C1 in Bruges to work. Dijon is in free match fall in the match.

Our prognosis on Monaco - Angers: Bet on a Monaco victory and the two teams mark for a rating of 2.68 on Betclic Pari Sportif

Prognosis Lille - Dijon, Day 11 of Ligue 1 2018 -2019

  • The single bet: Lille 1.55 draw 3.85 Caen 7.00

Lille surprised everyone from a disastrous season at a start-up season 1 2018-2019 thunderous. And holding the rhythm, the LOSC imposes it. For some, they are over-regime and for others, Fabien Galtier has found the solution. Unbeaten at home and better than that since it is 5 wins on five games. The Normans will therefore be the outsiders and it is difficult to see what could happen to this Lille there with a Caen team which is far from being ridiculous and which will aim for maintenance. Logically, the ribs are not very high.

Our prognosis : Bet on + 2.5 goals for a 2.10 rating at Betway.

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