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The Europa League is the small European football cup organized by UEFA. Little sister of the Champions League, she obviously attracts bets and forecasts of all round ball enthusiasts and all bettors who want to swell their bankroll. Europe League is indeed a competition with many games, less known teams and hens more difficult to predict and therefore with ratings that are all the more interesting. The specificity is also in the spring with the parachuting of the 3rd of the groups of the Champions League. This rule which is purely economic while being a sporting aberration, if not an injustice, rebates the cards for the rest of the European competition. The Europa League, nicknamed C3 in the blink of an eye to the late UEFA cut, offers many possibilities and strong gain potential, it is still necessary to take this competition and its problems by the right end to bet like a pro on football. Before all things, we specify that we give advice on betting on the Europa League for beginners and those who started and those who are routing. Do not panic, you will find on our site advice for betting on football and other sports as well as predictions. We also offer you sports betting sites The most competitive which is authorized by the Arjel.

That said, we will therefore give you the right bases to bet well on the Europa League and thus optimize your earnings.

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The basics to know to bet on the Europa League

  • The level difference and the involvement of teams:

The Europa League is a real gas machine that brings together the teams from the major championships who failed to be in the first four in the national ranking, the eliminated from the dams of the Champions League And all the other teams. You therefore have a range of level, potential and means that do not exist in the other European cut. And there, we could say that it is easier, just bet on the big ones. Wait a minute. As in all competitions, betting on the big one should not be a reflex. The Europa League is not necessarily the priority of the big people who can favor the championship especially during the group phase. Knowing that the first two are qualified, it is possible that according to the national calendar, the typical team is not present for a distant trip in a corner of European football.

It is therefore necessary to take into account the involvement of the teams.

Here are some elements to assess it:

  • The situation of the favorite team: if the team is in danger in their local competition, faces a direct opponent, it is possible that she abandons her Europa League match for the benefit of her weekend championship meeting. Now is not the time to bet your bankroll on it.
  • The meeting place and period: the trap match takes place in a small molten stadium in one of the small nations of UEFA where an easy part turns into an ambush. The period of the meeting is playing under the snow in November, touching the finger at negative temperatures in December. Conditions can level the levels and are therefore to be taken into consideration in your bets.
  • The team's situation in the group: Europa League groups often give rise to apothecary accounts. So do them too.

The Europa League must be seen as two competitions in one.

The first is therefore the group's phase. The second is the phase of direct elimination meetings. All this is only evidence, but yet she explains why we advise you not to bet on the winner of Europe Gueule before the draw for the final stages.

The ratings of the Winner of Europe League 2018-2019

  • Chelsea - 6.50

  • Arsenal - 8.50

  • FC Seville - 13.50

  • Bayer Leverkusen - 8:00 pm

  • Milan AC - 20.00

  • Marseille - 22.00

  • RB Leipzig - 10 p.m.

  • Lazio Rome - 22.00

  • Villarreal - 24.00

  • Zénith Saint -Petersburg - 28.00

  • Betis Seville - 34.00

  • Sporting CP - 38.00

  • Anderlecht - 55.00

  • Bordeaux - 60.00

  • Rennais Stadium - 70.00

The odds are huge... This year the English send us very heavy. Should we bet on them? Do you think that if Chelsea is still hard in the first league, the blues will give everything in a match at the bottom of Russia? And then the real question for you is simple: which teams from the Champions League will be donated? How to make forecasts when you don't even know who will be in competition in spring 2019? Last year and the one before it was two C1 stranded teams who won the trophy, Manchester United and Atletico Madrid. To bet well, you should not bet on the blind. Imagine that a PSG or a Real Madrid is planted and finished 3rd from his 2018-2019 Champions League group. Well you have a very big and very rich that will come and play the skittles in the country of Gulliver. In general, we do not recommend global bets on a competition. For the Europa League, you can also bet on "who reaches the final, the top scorer" etc etc.

To bet like a pro football pro, whatever the competition targeted, the basic rules are the same. Find out, follow a group or two, manage your bets according to its bankroll, calculate your king well ...

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