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While the American sports leagues have long fought so that betting on competitions were prohibited, they have revised their copy recently. Also, it was not necessary to wait for one of the most famous of them, the NBA, did not conclude a partnership with the MGM Resorts casinos.

Betting Business, a juicy market rich in opportunities

In May 2018, the Supreme Court repealed a 1992 law which prohibited the organization of sports betting on competitions managed by American sports leagues on the United States.

It must be said that this law, which had the first mission to protect sports equity from competitions, seemed from another time as Betting Business has since been able to make a place in our society.

However, the repeal of this law will have taken time since the state of New Jersey, the very one which led the legal procedures to obtain this result, will have seen its fight is close to a victory after all the same 6 years of effort.

Evidence also that the question of sports betting remains still sensitive, only 4 states (New Jersey, Mississippi, Delaware and Nevada) authorize them to date while a small twenty have started procedures going in the direction of a legalization of betting sportsmen.

Suffice to say that the Betting Business is promised to great growth and that the players in the sector have every interest in not being distanced by competition if they want to take advantage of the fruits of this juicy market.

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A $ 25 million partnership between the NBA and MGM Resorts

Although the abrogation of the Act respecting sports betting is only a few months ago, several players have already worked a lot on how to approach this turning point as best as possible.

Thus, at the beginning of August, the NBA (the North American basketball league) announced that it had established a partnership with the MGM Resorts casinos for a period of 3 years. For $ 25 million, hotels and casinos of this American giant will be able to freely use the logos of the NBA, WNBA, G-League but also 2K League but also disseminate the best moments of the meetings.

But the most important thing is elsewhere since MGM Resorts can especially offer its customers access to the official data flow of the NBA. In other words, the casinotier will be able to provide optimal experience to sports bettings since the latter will have official data from the NBA, a key element.

No exclusivity for MGM Resorts

If the NBA aspires to eventually request a percentage (around 0.5%) on each bet carried out to bet on a basketball meeting it organizes, the American Gaming Commission does not see this project goodly .

It must be said that it already considers that the amount of the partnership signed between the NBA and MGM Resorts is important, especially since the latter is not accompanied by any exclusivity clause.

In other words, with the gradual legalization of sports betting in the United States, the NBA can hope to sign as many partnerships as it wishes with operators wishing to offer their players access to the official data of the famous basketball league.

The agreements between sports league and sports betting operators should therefore multiply in the months and years to come and this to the delight of all because, for the time being, everyone has to win!

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