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The queen of European football competitions has come to the moment that everyone is waiting for: the draw for the hens. Pro bettors will be pencil in hand, see keyboard with fingers, to set up their strategies. The two important things will be: the structure of the hens and the calendar. For the structure, it is obvious. You have to see the favorites, locate outsiders and the hen of death, which is often the one where the best odds will be offered by bookmakers. The calendar is just as important and it is even the most important. Between the teams that will be qualified from the 4th match and the one who will fight until the end, bets can therefore change and give way to a feat. If you take Barca, we know that the Catalan team will play more or less seriously to have enough points to finish 2nd. PSG on the other hand is a duty to finish first, when we know that the draw for direct elimination matches does not protect a meeting against a large European stable.

The Champions League 2019-2020 Champions League:

Hats 1
Liverpool (Ang) - Chelsea (Ang) - Barcelone (ESP) - Man City (Ang) - Juventus (ITA) - Bayern (ALL) - Paris SG (FRA) - Zénith St -Pétersbourg (Rus)

Hat 2
Real Madrid (ESP) - Atletico Madrid (ESP) - Dortmund (All) - Naples (ITA) - Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR) - Tottenham (Ang) - Benfica (POR)

Hats 3
Bayer Leverkusen (All) - Salzburg (AUT) - Valencia (ESP) - Inter Milan (ITA) + 4 teams to determine among the barragists

Hats 4
Galatasaray (Turkey) -Leipzig (All) - Atalanta (ITA) - Lille (FRA) + 4 teams to be determined among barragists

It is therefore missing the groups for barragists, because the good idea of UEFA is above all not to make a full draw to protect the big ones ...

Teams qualified directly, but pending:

  • Lyon (FRA): Hat 2 or 3
  • Lokomotiv Moscow (rus): Hat 3 or 4
  • Genk (Bel): Hat 3 or 4

Lyon, for example, must wait for the Ajax of Amsterdam's result to find out if it is in hat 2 or 3. It will therefore be necessary to wait until Wednesday August 28, 2019 to know the draw for this new Champions League test . The hens will consist of a team from each hat.

The ratings of C1 2019-2020

The draw will take place in Monaco on August 29... Obviously, you will have the right to an analysis of the groups and perhaps predictions on the C1 2020. Do you know that it is possible to bet on the winner of the C1 2020, without having the draw of Groups:

  • Manchester City 4,00
  • FC Barcelona 5.00
  • Liverpool 7.00

Obviously, it would be crazy to bet now, but the bookmaker is treacherous, he tries the Sunday bettor. We still see a sketch of the books of books .. Sorry, for American supporters, but the first American team, PSG, is an outsider with a rating of 9, like the Juventus of Turin ... We must believe that European exploits of Parisians to scalding the books.

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