Champions League 2018 -2019 / 4th day forecast

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The dice are not yet thrown, but at the end of the 90 minutes of this 4th day of the group's group phase day a part of the veil will have fallen and we can see the sketches of the 8 nd finals are drawn. We will therefore make fruit Our pretty bankroll Since the last day of Ligue 1. We have taken care of taking a tour of Naples for the stake, in Lyon for pleasure, in Madrid for the group's final and in Moscow for a nice blow? We will try to find the coast well because in this period of turbulence, the well -advanced national championships, C1 groups not far from the verdict, the business of football leaks are all destabilizing factors for those who want to bet like a professional .

Betting on Naples-PSG, Group C of the 2018-2019 Champions League, 4th day

  • The simple bet: Naples 2.80 No 3.60 PSG 2.30

Bookmakers seem to bet on the team on paper, more than what we have seen at the Parc des Princes where PSG obtains a miraculous 2-2 on a splendid strike from Di Maria, invisible until then. Once again in front of a collective oiled by a certain Ancelotti, PSG can only count on a blow of its individualities. We are not talking about the little luck with a goal against his camp which revived the Parisian machine. Not sure that Napoli makes this gift twice. It is very simple. Either we think that PSG was not at its level or we think that the PSG of this season is an illusion in the American championship, but the European revealer demonstrates all his weakness ... draw at home against the Napoli or even Losing Anfield is only infamous for those who know nothing about the ball. On the other hand, the way is disturbing. Against OM, the manner is disturbing, despite the changes, against Lille, it is still a goal of Mbappé on a caviar from Neymar who unlocks the situation. Look at Elbut de Neymar is PSG in Ligue 1. Obviously, in the Champions League, Neymar would not have the opportunity to shoot without a pressure from the defenders. Cavani is still unavailable and the staff would not yet have an answer on his participation. On the Napoli side, the workforce should be complete. In series A, Naples put a dance to Empoli. It is only stammered, but the way is there and the victories of Naples are collective. The question. Naples is undefeated at home and his draw against Roma is to put away on the side of the victories so the Napoli was superior. Can PSG do better and has PSG have shown progress since its draw? No. So we're going to play little, but big on this match.

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Our prognosis naples - PSG : Result and the 2 teams mark: Victory of Naples and the two teams mark for a rating of 3.90

Betting on Lyon - Hoffenheim, Group F of the 2018-2019 Champions League, 4th day

  • The simple bet: Olympique Lyonnais 1.90 zer 3.90 harmless 3.50

Lyon can qualify by winning this evening against the Americans of Hoffenheim. At the PSG NSATR, Lyon is a difficult team to read. In the first leg against Hoffenheime the draw was frustrating for the men of Genesio who seem to operate only as a reaction. Yet after the original feat of the hen with the victory at City, Lyon is ideally placed which indicates that Hoffenheim must absolutely win. The odds seem to draw this meeting well. Hoffenheim will be exposed to the Lyon speed. Nabil Fekir is back and after a good hour against Bordeaux, he should hold his place. Nabil Fekir is this kind of player who transforms OL. Hoffenhein on the other hand is in full swing in the Bundesliga with three victories in three games and 11 goals scored. Obviously the bet The two teams mark with a rating of 1.32 ... We will try a bet that we never do that seems rather clever for this meeting.

Our Lyon prognosis - Hoffenheim : Bet on a goal from Memphis de Depay for a dimension of 2.45 at Unibet Sports Paris.

Betting on Atletico Madrid - Borussia Dortmund, Group A of the 2018-2019 Champions League, 4th Day

  • LE PARE Simple: Atletico Madrid 1.75 NUL 3,60 Borussia Dortmund 4.50

It is the final of this group since it is undoubtedly the last chance for the teammates of Antoine Griezman to pick up the untouchable and surprising Borussia Dortmund who caresses at the top of this hen of C1 with 3 victories in 3 games which A 4-0 against the colchoneres. We can think that Atletico will do everything to win when Dortmund will only have to wait to launch his counters to challenge Jan Oblak. If in addition we take into account the fact that the particular Goal Average is used, Dortmund even in the event of a defeat will have the cards in hand. The draw seems a fairly logical outcome with goals to the key, but this MACTH is full of uncertainty. It is the type of meeting or the Live Bet is an ideal solution With quality streaming.

Notre pronostic Atletico Madrid - Borussia Dortmund : Bet on a draw or victory of Dortmund for a rating of 2.00 at Bwin Sport.

Betting on CSKA Moscow - Roma, G group of the 2018-2019 Champions League, 4th day

  • Equal Simple: CSKA MOSCOU 3,80 NUL 3.60 ROME 1.90

Why did you choose this match? The Moscow Victory Coast at Home is clearly over-coined. Why ? Because Roma beaten the CSKA Moscow 4-0 at home and because the Russian teams are often mischievous in the hens when they play at home. If I tell you that Real Madrid has fallen in Moscow this season in this same hen? The CSKA is not in good shape in the Russian football championship. The weather is not yet too tough, but it should rain. AS Rome is favorite, but outside, Russians who play their future, we can estimate that draw would be a good solution.

Our prognosis CSKA Moscow - Roma: bet on a draw For a rating of 3.60 at Feelingbet

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