OJ 2020 and 2024: new sports

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To bet online on the Olympic Games, there are people. This is one of the major events in the world of sport and logically, bookmakers are there. But what about new sports?
Every 4 years the IOC induces new sports. The objective is to highlight new sports while allowing the Olympic Games to follow trends. The Olympic ideal does not really seem to be at the heart of its choices, because we see legendary disciplines as the struggle is threatened by marketing choices. We even see disciplines where the actors embarked on the legitimacy or not of a participation in the large Olympic barnum. So let's take an overview for the next Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020 and Paris 20204.
Note that for the bettors, we will have to wait for the Arjel's decision, which is the only one to authorize bets in USA or not, to find out if we will find its disciplines at the Bookmakers.

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Bet on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: New Sports

For Japan, the IOC has highlighted popular sports among Nippons. So we will find karate and baseball. Those who bet on baseball know that the Japanese championship is as run as its American counterpart. The good news is that it will therefore be possible to bet on baseball during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Note that softball, women's baseball, will also be there. Karate also returns. A traditional Japanese sport for Olympic Games in Japan is a winning blow of the IOC. For bets, karate is not currently authorized by Arjel. The Olympic Games being, the year, next, it will therefore be necessary to follow the latest updates of authority. Then the bookmakers must follow. Climbing is a surprise. Sport is trendy in Japan and in the world, it is growing. For the IOC, it is a way of seducing new spectators. The EscalaE in the Olympic Games will be practiced on a wall safely. Again, bets on this discipline are not allowed in USA. In other countries, we find it at no big online bookmaker. One can imagine that the bettors are not interested in it and that it is particularly difficult to say.

The IOC also seeks to convince young people who would be less and less interested in the Olympic Games. Surfing and skateboarding will therefore enter the Olympic Games. What is interesting is how this announcement has been divisive. If the two sliding sports have been recovered by the business for a long time, practitioners hate attempts at recovery. A fight between the temple guards and those who want to open the Pandora's box raged. There is always this idea that the choice is individual and that it only implies the one who does it. However, we know that it is enough to open the box for everyone to be devoured. For bettors, you should not ignite. Currently, you will not find any of these two disciplines in bookmakers. We can have a little hope, because bets on Olympic windsurfing competitions are authorized as those on rollerblading.

Betting on the 2024 Paris Olympics: New Sports

You should know that new sports are offered by the organizing country. One sport can therefore disappear from one competition to another. For the 2024 Paris Olympics, there is an UFO discipline and the same new sport in Tokyo, that is to say climbing, surfing and skateboarding. The question is therefore to know why we are sold this as new products? Marketing.
The new sport is not a sport, but an artistic discipline. Breakdance. It is in tune with the times. Why breakdance and not acrobatic rock? Marketing. The target population is rather "street art" and not really jo. USA is no longer in its Hernani, but in consensual and it suffocates so much that it wants to offer it to the world. And beware, Breakdance is a real artistic discipline. Look at competitions is creativity, originality and obviously technical mastery. Is Breakdance a sport? No, but as a sportsman is not an artist. Obviously, marketing spares these reflections and prefer to speak in terms of target. So you have to believe that we saw little in the 2000s, tecktonik in the Olympic Games.

If we have the list of new sports for the next two Olympic competitions, we must still wait for the reaction of the Arjel and that of the bookmakers. A case to follow.

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