Formula 1: Assessment of the season for bettors

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This time the 2019 season is indeed finished and it cannot be said that the suspense was absent. For those who bet online on the F1 World Championship, it is rather a good thing. The ratings are good and Lewis Hamilton was the right answer in more than 50% of cases to the question that all aficionados of Paris on Formula 1 arise, "Who will win the Grand Prix? ».

Betting on Hamilton in 2019 it was a winner more than once in two

The domination of Mercedes and Hamilton is insolent and recalls Michael Schumacher and his Ferrari .. that is to say if the suspense is nonexistent. Lewis Hamilton won 11 of the 21 Grand Prix of the season, more than one in two race (52.38 %). For bettors, bet on Hamilton and Mercedes, it's the jackpot.
By the way, we can tell you that our Paris guide on Formula 1 is not the most visited on the site and yet at the level of the level of rating and difficulty, is a safe bet ... the bet that we Let us often advise is the podium with weak dimensions, but which are perfect for combined bets. Hamilton is 17 podiums on the season. The oddity of this domination is that English has succeeded only five poles. It is the demonstration that his silver arrow was not as dominant as that. If we were bored this season, we were able to admire the most beautiful of Lewis Hamilton titles.

On the Ferrari side, the return to light is done step by step. Charles Leclerc confirms his talent and takes power in the Scuderia by doing much better than Sebastian Vettel. A winner at the wheel of a Ferrari (Belgium and USA),
By triumphing over Monza, there will remain the confirmation and the little note of novelty of this 2019 set. We do not forget Victoire à Spa and his tribute to his friend, who died on track the day before for the Formula 2 Grand Prix.

Verstappen confirms again and seems to have won mature on his Red Bull. Still at the heart of controversies for his aggressive conduct, he won three Grand Prix and made three podiums.

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Betting on the 2019-2020 Formula 1 season

For the Paris of the 2020 World Championship, these pilots will be followed, but beware, we are promised even more suspense. The new regulation would limit expenses, which would generate a tightening of the average level and therefore more exciting races. The promise is not new.
For bettors on Formula 1, there is a chance that nothing really changes. It will simply be necessary to monitor the return of Ferrari and the promising Charles Leclerc. Also pay attention to the period of transfers that arrives. You have to keep an eye on the Dutch Verstappen who can make a cross on a seat in a Ferrari following his commented on the Scuderia.

The 2019-2020 season is likely to turn into vinegar with new legislation and the same tires. It’s hard to see what could happen to the British pilot’s silver arrow. It's bad for the suspense, but well for formula online for formula 1!

2019 Formula 1 2019 rankings

  1. L. Hamilton Mercedes
  2. V. Bottas Mercedes
  3. M. Verstappen Red Bull
  4. C. Leclerc Ferrari
  5. S. Vettel Ferrari
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