Formula 1: The Hungarian 2020 Grand Prix

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After two F1 Grand Prix of this 2020 truncated season, we realize that this forced truce has not changed much. It is the Hungarian Grand Prix which promises to be next weekend and bookmakers are already offering the odds on online sports betting sites. Here is a little return on the Grand Prix de Styrie And the dimensions of the next GP.

Grand Prix de Styrie: the development of Mercedes

The first Grand Prix was surprising enough for Formula 1 bettors. Mercedes disappointed with a justified decision of the commissioners who penalized Lewis Hamilton, depriving him of all hope. It is an amazing error of the British pilot which may have paid especially for all its politico-marketing positions. On the Austria circuit, the Mercedes de Noire dressed, tribute to the anti-racist cause, flew over the race with first place for Lewis Hamilton and the second for his teammate Bottas. The Englishman won his 85th GP victory and approaches Mickaël Schumacher's record. The Scuderia has self-totaling on its own with a hanging between these two pilots. After four laps, the two red arrows had abandoned. Red Bull would run at home and with a 3rd place, Verstappen saved the honor. The problem for Red Bull and the others is that once again the Mercedes is much more competitive, faster, more reliable and, without removing Merit from Hamilton, the silver arrow seems to behave on its own. A controversy is being born slowly, but surely. The uninitiated do not suspect that Renault's complaint against the Racing Point stable is on the one hand supported by almost all the paddock and on the other hand, it could give rise to an earthquake. For some observers, Racing Point is the consistent copy of the Mercedes world champion of last year. Illegal, or not, once again, it is the F1 regulation that will be put to the pillory regardless of the result of this complaint.

Analysis and rating of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2020

If the first GP of the season reminded us that a F1 race could still offer us twists and turns, we know that this season will still be under the yoke of Mercedes and Hamilton. The Ferrari are still picking it up and Leclerc's error shows the tension that weighs on the shoulders of the Scuderia. Red Bull is not better. To summarize, the next 10 Grand Prix of this Formula 1 season, we can say that it will take a Mercedes error so as not to find them on the podium.

The ratings of the Hungary 2020 GP winner:

  • Lewis Hamilton 1,66
  • Valatherer Botton ౪.1.1
  • Max Verstappen 5,00

We see that the odds, as always are quite interesting, but let's not forget the lesson of the first Grand Prix. Our advice : by scraping the odds, we realize that for Paris Top 6, the pilot will be in the first six of the race, Charles Leclerc is on a dimension of 2.20. One might think that Ferrari are picking it up, but we should not exaggerate either. Leclerc finished second in Austria GP.

Our prognosis : Bet on the Leclerc in the top 6 for a rating of 2.20

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