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1x2gaming is a software editor which has experienced a long and turbulent story. First named F1x2games, the British company was a spearhead of innovation in Igaming. Specialist in virtual sport, it is by becoming a partner, not to say a subsidiary of 1x2 network that Brighton & Hove has become 1x2gaming. Its success is notably due to the ease of integration of its software. She also took the turn of smartphones and tablets faster than the others. You will see that we find the island side of our best enemies with a vision of the online casino game which is not far from being against the Swedish wave. And that, we like it a lot. 1x2 gaming allows us to escape the standardization that fashion and trend dictates. These two plagues are found in all sectors and especially among creatives. Let's find ourselves at tea time to discover the universe of 1x2gaming.

1x2gaming: a counter-current experience

It was already necessary to think, as this unbearable English expression in fashion says, "Under the Box" to imagine that virtual sport software would overwhelm land casinos and online casinos. Why do I use an expression that I hate? Well for the pleasure of telling you. This ability to innovate and glimpse the world of tomorrow makes 1x2gaming a game publisher present in more than a hundred casinos thus offering a whole range of games.

The game ranges created by 1x2gaming:

  • Featured
  • Virtual Sports
  • slots
  • casino
  • Arcade
  • Numbers
  • Instant Win

We will see more upstream in the journal some examples of game. You can see the work accomplished by a team that has evolved by following the trends, but without ever getting away from its innovative gaze.
I already hear you. "What are their eyes". Well in the HD design period or the perfection of the image and animations must be clinical, 1x2gaming is a bit of the return of the vinyl. There is authenticity with simple graphics and a lightness of themes. This simplicity allows him to embark on original projects with more complex innovations under the hood.
By offering games without download, you can enjoy them on all the loss of quality supports you are on a desktop computer or on your smartphone. iPhone, iPad, tablet or Android smartphone are fully compatible even with less recent versions. With more than 32 mobile games, 1x2gaming is positioned among market leaders.
Specialized in niche games, they offer Bingo and Keno games renowned in Online playgrounds.

You will understand, the 1x2gaming games are original. Here no license games, but real creations, thoughts from A to Z. This originality is also one of the reasons for the success of this software publisher.

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1x2gaming: original and successful games

Let's take a look at what we are interested in first of all through the three main categories.

Roulette Diamond :

Here is a great classic updated and without download. Talking about a update is an understatement. It is a small revolution that shakes the classicism of European roulette which goes from 36 to 40 boxes. You will find all the usual bets like: red / black and odd / Even /, but it would not be a 1x2gaming game without a grain of madness. New bets are available including diagonal bets, Paris Quarter and other surprises.
Roulette Diamond is the featured for lovers of roulette who are looking for the adventure without changing games.

Virtual Sports :

Virtual sport is the specialty of our host. To summarize, it is a way of betting on a virtual meeting or a race. It is more fun than sports betting, faster and less restrictive. It is a real success in online casinos.

Virtual World Cup
Bet on a World Cup when you want! Do not wait every 4 years to play! Find the real teams for a simulated competition. More than 247 possible combinations and all bets as Asian handicaps, Under / Over 2.5 goals, a correct score or first scorer. The odds are obviously much more interesting than that of bookmakers!

Slot machines
No need to present this queen category to you.

Gladiators of Rome
Here is an original game that will lead you in ancient Rome and its panem and Circenses, bread and circus, which has never stopped. The theme is original since instead of taking the theme by the fight between gladiators, 1x2gaming challenges you to bring down the Emperor of Rome. This can evoke the story of Spartacus.
Philosopher, warrior or tyrant, choose your path through 5 rolls, 20 lines and Wild legions and other Scatter. With a jackpot of 26,000 euros, you can eat breads and even brioche. Volatility is rather high with 94.20%.

In conclusion, 1x2gaming has an original and attractive range of games. Virtual sport is its specialty, but the company has imposed itself in all kinds of online casino games to become a global reference. Audited regularly, 1x2gaming is certified by RNG and NMI Testing. It is a gain in transparency and security for players.

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